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Focus Asia Business Leaders was originally developed in 2006 as a video series and collection of case studies produced jointly by the University of Hong Kong Journalism Media Studies Centre and the Asia Case Research Centre.

The series profiles leading Asian enterprises and their senior executives.

The full case studies previewed here are available through

From property development and manufacturing to biotechnology, Focus Asia Business Leaders features some of the most successful companies in Asia – from China to Singapore, Japan to India.

The case studies show how these firms are using their entrenched competitive position at home to expand into global markets. The videos feature the CEOs and other senior managers discussing their firms' operations, culture and strategic outlook. The viewers get a close look at the inner workings of an executive suite and the role it plays in formulating and executing a firm's strategy. Through the studies, aimed at Universities with Master’s of Business Administration programmes, educators can also access accompanying teaching notes, which highlight specific teaching and learning objectives guiding each case.

Beyond those featured on this website, other executives profiled in this series include:

  • C.K. Chow and the MTR Corporation Ltd.
  • Tong Zhicheng and the Pearl River Piano Group
  • Liu Changle and Phoenix Satellite Television 
  • Lawrence Fung and the Hong Kong Economic Times Group 
  • Viveca Chan and WE Worldwide Partners Advertising
  • Pavan Vaish and  IBM Daksh *
  • Peter Chou and HTC, High Tech Computer Corporation *
  • Jonney Shih, TH Tung, Ted Hsu and Asus of Taiwan *

*  These programmes will be seen in October on BBC WORLD NEWS.